DST4602Evolution is the top-level device among SICES controllers.
It is a highly configurable Genset controller for advanced and complex parallel applications, where a huge number of settings are required (functions and parameters) for the Genset management, and its auxiliary circuits.

DST4602Evolution allows us to connect up to 24 gensets on the same bus, working in island mode and in parallel with the mains.

Thanks to the controller’s high configurable level and built-in PLC functions (with PID blocks), DST4602Evolution can be used for CHP power plants equipped with Gas, Diesel, Biofuel and Dual-fuel Engine.
The controller also features fully integrated Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) control, furthering its ability for such applications.



  • Operating mode selection (available in two versions):
    • with selector key
    • with two dedicated pushbuttons.
  •  Engine START and STOP pushbutton.
  • GCB and MCB command using push buttons.
  • ACK/MODE (acoustic alarm silencing and other aux. functions).
  • Four ARROW keys for LCD display selection mode, window selection, parameter change and other.
  • EXIT, ENTER and SHIFT keys.


  • Digital UP/DOWN commands for speed governor and AVR.
  • Mains and Genset circuit breaker management.
  • True RMS readings on generator and mains voltages and on generator currents, with an additional current measurement for neutral or differential protection.
  • Active, reactive, and apparent power measurements.
  • Frequency and power measurements on mains input.
  • 20 fully programmable digital inputs with the possibility of additional several inputs.
  • 16 fully programmable digital outputs with the possibility of adding several outputs.
  • Several communication tools (RS232, Insulated RS485, RJ45 Ethernet, USB port).
  • Large TFT graphic coloured display 7’’ 800×480 pixel.
  • Real-Time Clock, events and data recording.
  • Remote control systems.
  • KEMA Certification – Guideline BDEW (DE).


The dynamic support to the grid is available:
automatic adjustment of the active power output based on the mains frequency value.
This feature allows the genset to support the grid in case of over/under production.


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