The BTB200 controller provides the ability to control a bus tie-breaker, for applications where it is necessary to divide the common bus-bars during certain operating conditions.

It manages the synchronization between the two separated halves of the bus-bars (named A and B), based on an input signal, taking into account the number of generator sets connected on the two halves.

Generator sets synchronisation is achieved directly by the CANBUS connection to the SICES genset controllers, or alternatively by using analogue lines.

BTB200 measures the current flow across the tiebreaker (3ph) by means of current transformers. It is able to measure the active (kW), reactive (kvar) and apparent power (kVA) exchanged on the bus-bars (and the power factor too), showing the flowing direction (A to B or B to A) on the display and by the LEDs on the front panel.

BTB200 also measures the total energy on the bus-bars using energy counters (active and reactive, A to B and B to A).

Embedded functions

  • Automatic or manual selection of the synchronisation direction.
  • Automatic or manual synchronization.
  • Voltage, frequency and phase matching in synchronizing.
  • Direct management of motorized circuit breakers or contactors.
  • Dedicated push buttons for manual opening/closure of the bus tie breaker.
  • Four alternative configurations.
  • Real time clock.
  • Periodical and “on event” data recording.
  • Embedded alarm horn.

Bus A/B protections

  • Under frequency (81U).
  • Over frequency (81O).
  • Under-voltage (27).
  • Overvoltage (59).

Current protections

  • Instantaneous overcurrent (50).
  • Time-dependent overcurrent (51).
  • Phase overcurrent with voltage restraint/control (50V/51V).
  • Maximum auxiliary current.

Other protections

  • High/low supply voltage.
  • Supply voltage: 8…32 Vdc.
  • Power consumption: typically less than 6W (stand-by, controller switched on, LCD lamp switched off).
  • Operating frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • 4.3’’ TFT color display with backlight.
  • Graphic display resolution: 480×272 pixel.
  • Graphic display dimensions: visible surface 95 x 54 mm.
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +60 °C.
  • Storage temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C.
  • Protection degree: IP65 (only with gasket correctly installed).
  • Weight: 1100g.
  • Overall dimension: 244 (W) x 178 (H) x 83 (D).
  • Panel cut-out: 218×159 mm (L x H).
  • EMC: conform to EN61326-1.
  • Safety: built-in conformity to EN61010-1.


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