RN 200

Control device for renewable sources

RN200 is a device for the protection and control of the inverters for the production of electricity from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic etc.).

The RN200 Hybrid controller allows a simple integration of renewable sources with generators and/or mains. It allows to maximize the penetration of renewable sources, while ensuring maximum safety on the power supply of the loads and maximum efficiency of the generators.

RN200 communicates via a CAN BUS interface with the SICES genset controllers (GC600DST4602Evolution) and with the mains controllers (MC200), ensuring a simple integration of all components (both from the logical point of view and for the wirings).

Control device for renewable sources

Control functions included

  • Automatic start/stop of the inverters, according to the presence of voltage on the common bars.
  • Automatic management of a circuit breaker (RNCB), connecting the inverters to the common bars.
  • Limitation of the active power of the inverters, to ensure the operation of the generators at a configurable minimum power (to avoid wear related to prolonged work at low power).
  • Setting of a power reserve (SPINNING RESERVE) for the generators, so that they can compensate for sudden drops in the production of renewable sources (clouds) without causing blackouts on the loads.
  • Two ways of managing the reactive power of the inverters:
    • Fixed power factor on the generators (and all the rest is supplied/absorbed by the inverters).
    • Sharing of reactive power with generators, based on nominal powers.
  • Possibility of working OFF-GRID (island mode) and ON-GRID (in parallel to the grid).
  • Percentage sharing of active/reactive powers among inverters.
  • Percentage sharing of active/reactive powers among the RN200.

It also allows manual control of both the inverters and the RNCB circuit breaker.


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