GC 400

GC400 is a comprehensive controller particularly suggested for managing different types of synchro/parallel applications, especially for MPM (Multiple Prime Mover) and MSB (Multiple Stand-by) power plants, where the synchronization of several gensets is required.

GC400 design allows an easy and fast installation, thanks to the internal load sharing and synchronizer.

GC400Mains version is the perfect controller for those plants where reverse synchronization is required to avoid any drop voltage on load.

All the GC400 versions have a direct interface via CAN J1939 with a wide range of electronic engines (Volvo Penta, Scania, Perkins, MTU, Deutz, Cummins, John Deere, Caterpillar, and others) and they can be also used with traditional engines by the embedded analogue sensors.

Generator protections

  • Under frequency (81U).
  • Over frequency (81O).
  • Undervoltage (27).
  • Overvoltage (59).
  • Reverse power (32P).
  • Loss of excitation (Reverse reactive 40).
  • Time-dependent overcurrent (51,51V).
  • Instantaneous overcurrent (50, 50V).
  • Generator overload (from external contact of circuit breaker).
  • Max. auxiliary current.
  • Synchro-check (25).
  • Phase sequence (47).
  • Currents and Voltages unbalance (46/47).
  • Differential protection (64).
  • Ground fault protection (50N).
  • Negative sequence (46-I2).

Engine protections

  • Fuel reserve.
  • Min./Max fuel level.
  • Battery failure (min./max. Voltage).
  • Min./Low oil pressure.
  • Min./Max. coolant and oil temperature.
  • Closing failure of mains contactor or genset contactor.
  • Engine over crank.
  • Belt breakage.
  • Operating conditions not reached.
  • Emergency Stop
  • Max power.

Mains protections

  • Rate of Change of Frequency (81R ROCOF).
  • Vector shift.
  • Undervoltage (27).
  • Overvoltage (59).
  • Underfrequency (81U).
  • Overfrequency (81O).
  • True RMS readings on generator voltages and currents. The neutral measure included.
  • Additional current measurement for neutral or ground fault protection.
  • Active, reactive, and apparent power measurements.
  • Engine speed measurement by pick-up, frequency, or W.
  • Graphic display with self or manual adjustable contrast based on the temperature.
  • Insulated and auto-supplied J1939 and MTU MDEC CAN interface.
  • Interface with traditional MPU engines.
  • USB, RS232, and insulated RS485 serial port with MODBUS RTU protocol, ethernet
  • interface with MODBUS TCP protocol.
  • Real-time clock with battery.
  • Events and data recording.
  • SIMONE and SicesSupervisor monitoring system for remote control (App iOS and Android available).


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