DST4602 Remote

DST4602Remote is an additional remote display for DST4602Evolution, allowing remote control and configuration. It can also be connected to DST4602 Standard.

It shares the same dimensions and look & feel of the main controller (same 7″ TFT colour display, same lamps and similar push-buttons).
It also allows the same manual operations.

DST4602Remote can be connected to the DST4602Evolution by:


    • RS485 insulated serial port (max 800mt):
      (only one DST4602Remote is allowed for each DST4602Evolution).


  • Ethernet(max. distance 100mt without any hub):
    (up to five DST4602Remote is allowed for each DST4602Evolution).
  • Remote START/STOP commands for the genset.
  • Remote OPEN/CLOSE commands for the circuit breakers.
  • Remote acoustic horn muting.
  • Remote faults acknowledgment & reset.
  • Remote parameters configuration.
  • Local/remote communication settings available from the front panel or by BoardPrg3.


Key selector controls

  • Command disabled: no operation is allowed.
  • Command enabled: all operations are allowed.
  • Remote reset: reset of alarms/warnings.

Push buttons

  • REMOTE START: starting is enabled if the operating mode of the local controller is in AUTO.
  • REMOTE STOP: used to remotely stop the genset.
  • If the genset has been started by the DST4602Remote, the “REMOTE STOP” stops the genset with the cooling operations.
  • If the genset has been started by the local DST4602, the “REMOTE STOP” stops the genset immediately without any cooling operations.
  • GCB :for manual opening/closure of the Genset Circuit Breaker.

System safety can be increased with a dedicated password, on both local and remote controller.


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